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Who we are

We are a small group of students (with a teacher), who wanted to make a project for the 16. Toruń Festival of Science and Art, but it emerged into something more. All of us attend(ed) General Tadeusz Kosciuszko High School #4 though one of us already went on to the university.

With some technical help from my and Patryk's Computer Science teacher, as well as "legal" (game rules) advices from Clif King, the creator of 3 Man Chess, we have created a digital edition of the game.

The frontend we are presenting on this website is written in JavaScript, and it connects to a gameserver hosted on a Platinum Non-Profit server, written in Go.

We have used images of chess pieces from Wikimedia Commons. Everything else, besides the game, which is itself patented, is open source, but not free software — we are not willing to let anyone run their own instance of the gameserver, web client, or distribute clients / offline-gameplay copies of this program.

About the game (rules, tutorial, sets)